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About Faubourg Numérique

Faubourg Numérique is an incubator of innovating projects in the sector of Internet of Things & Services

Faubourg Numérique’s Digital Innovation Hub  is a non-profit association, created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs and local authorities and aims at redesigning a collaborative organisation and making it concrete in order to introduce new processes of prototyping and production in Internet of Things projects. 

The university (UPJV-INSSET) and the technology transfer platform (PFT INNOVALTECH) are (very) closeby. This assures a hands-on and collaborative support to new projects. We offer also a mutualisation of resources such as:



What we do?

Focus on the development of connected things & services in 3 vertical domains

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How we work?

We push the Design Thinking approach….

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You are looking for competencies to create/execute your Internet of Things or Cloud Computing projects?

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Do you have an idea, project or just ……….
big entrepreneurial desire?

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An exciting portfolio of initiatives and activities that creates an ongoing dynamic

We are an active player in

Local initiatives & activities



Alliance for Open Innovation

Alliance for Open Innovation

InMoov Lab

InMoov Lab

Open & Agile Smart Cities France

Open & Agile Smart Cities France

Stimulate uptake FIWARE

Stimulate uptake FIWARE

Participation Pépite

Participation Pépite

Google Developer Group HiPic

Google Developer Group HiPic

Hackathons, workshops, events

Hackathons, workshops, events

and also in

European initiatives & activities

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European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) will play a central role in the Digital Europe Programme to stimulate the broad uptake of Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Cybersecurity as well as other digital technologies by industry (in particular SMEs and midcaps) and public sector organisations in Europe. They function as one-stop shops that help companies and public authorities dynamically respond to their innovation challenges and become more resilient. Faubourg Numérique, allready some years active as recognized DIH by the EC, is ready to apply to this initiative as active player in 2 consortia: Sumity (focus on public authorities) and Green Power IT (focus on manufacturing and retail)

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DIH² aims to accelerate factories through robotics. DIH² believes in the power of robotics to transform the agility of manufacturing in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and drive economic growth across the European Union. Our role is to provide technology services and support and ecosystem services that will enable agile production in factories where speed and versatility are essential to satisfy customer demand. The DIH² project is funded by Horizon 2020 – the European Union research and innovation programme tasked with bringing great ideas from lab to market. In turn, the programme is at the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy, which aims to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth for the future of Europe.

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Launched in September 2020, the “Collaborative, Secure, and Replicable Open Source Data Lakes for Smart Cities” (ODALA) under Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a strategic project to improve data management in cities. European cities and regions from four different countries together with a cluster of private companies and research institutes will leverage open source technologies and digital transformation – for the benefit of public administrations.

Faubourg Numérique is partner in the Interreg 2 seas project SCIFI. This smart city project aims at activating the market for
innovative solutions to improve public service delivery using data. Cities collaborate on identifying shared challenges
in mobility, energy and environment. They jointly explore innovative procurement methods to work with businesses in developing data-based solutions, implementing them in living labs, and demonstrating the value of opening data.

Faubourg Numérique has initiated and animated the collaboration of the French cities to become members  of Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC). Faubourg  Numérique is the representative of France in the global OASC network and one of the first city angel investors of this global network. 4 collaborative pilot projects have already initiated by the cities in the frame of OASC with the support of Faubourg Numérique and local universities.

ihub-logo, Faubourg in the top 3 of 28 iHubs: hubs all across Europe to push technology into profitable services. FIWARE is here to facilitate the move forward.  Based on our experience as Google Developer Group and regional hackathons organizer, Faubourg Numérique organizes events and incentives around the FIWARE technologies and opportunities in order to stimulate the local developer community and business creation.

Faubourg Numérique is part of the IoT European Platforms Initiative through our participation in the Be-IoT consortium (the business engine for IoT pilots. H2020 ICT 30  2015 CSA: Turning the Internet of things in Europe into an economically successful and socially accepted vibrant ecosystem)  with Fraunhoffer, ETVenture, Challengy and Acreo. Faubourg Numérique is mainly contributing in 2 objectives of the work programs: Redesign the education about IoT and the uptake of IoT technology by SME’s

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international federation of benchmarked living labs in Europe and worldwide. Directly, as well as through its active members, ENoLL provides co-creation, user engagement, test and experimentation facilities targeting innovation in many different domains such as energy, media, mobility, healthcare, agrifood, etc. As such, ENoLL is well placed to act as a platform for best practice exchange, learning and support, and living lab international project development.

Our agile and collaborative management needs the involvement of

reliable partners

With fundings from the EU

Interreg 2 seas
Horizon 2020- DIH²

Our Latest Posts

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