Faubourg Numérique ambassador for the Alliance for Open Innovation

28 June 2017
Judith Stiekema

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Faubourg Numérique is among the signatories of the “Alliance pour l’Innovation Ouverte”. This Alliance is a unifying act of those who support open innovation and Faubourg Numérique has become one of the ambassadors.

The “Alliance pour l’Innovation Ouverte” promotes open innovation for companies by federating a community of companies and partners around shared values and a balanced trust relationship between large companies, mid-sized companies and start-ups. Its objective is to rely on start-ups to transform the vision of innovation in companies and to offer them new business opportunities.

Innovation ecosystems have a proximity between actors (companies, support structures, governmental authorities, operators, etc.), facilitate and accelerate exchanges, and provide a favorable framework for experimentation. Experiments are a necessary prerequisite before innovative solutions are put on the market. The synergy of skills and expertise in public spaces allows the creation of “territorial communities of experimentation”. Living labs, like the Faubourg Numérique, offer good opportunities for open innovation with real users.

In the guide “Le guide Innovation ouverte : les bons réflexes, les bons outils” the alliance provides guidelines and best practices for open innovation (only available in french).

Our association of entrepreneurs integrates the principle of Open Innovation, in the sense of the EU (open innovation 2.0) with the implementation of the concept of “quadruple helix” but also in the sense of the Alliance for Open Innovation Relations (with large groups versus startups): Le Faubourg Numérique supports this type of approach locally (Hauts-de-France Region), also in collaboration with other regional organizations, such as the Open & Agile Smart Business initiative. Finally, Faubourg Numérique is responsible for the “Open Innovation / Major Groups versus Startups” action within the framework of the National Network’s Roadmap, as a local reference for the French Tech IoT & Manufacturing thematic network.