POP SCHOOL IOT MAKER: learning to create connected things

29 June 2017
Judith Stiekema

Since April Saint-Quentin has a new form of education: POP School IoT Maker, powered by Faubourg Numérique. POP School is one of the initiatives defined in the roadmap of Saint-Quentin French Tech.

The trainees at POP School in Saint-Quentin have built weather stations that will meet the needs of the city:  to optimize the watering of the city grounds for economic and ecological reasons.

popschool meteo2” We worked on it for about a month.” says Pierre Josselin. “We used sensors that we bought and assembled to create a station. The latter is also composed of a solar panel. Other parts have been created with a 3D printer.” (Parts of this article were copied from an article in l’Aisne Nouvelle).