Learn & Make IoT: workshop & prototyping

20 December 2017
Judith Stiekema

Faubourg Numérique is hosting several workshops on how to liberate the potential of your Arduino UNO by simulation in PROTEUS. The workshop consist of one whole day dedicated to the initiation of Proteus to better exploit prototyping boards. At the end of the session you will be able to write your own programs.to use the full capacity of your Arduino UNOarduino proteus


  • Explain the ATMEL STUDIO 7 environment
  • Simulate the behavior of your microcontroller ATMEGA 328P (Arduino Uno card) on ISIS of PROTEUS
  • Exploit the technical manual of your microcontroller
  • Implement the “non referenced” devices of your UNO

Concretely you will learn during the day a method to decrypt a datasheet, make internal and external devices operational, coding in EEPROM, timers, sources of interruptions. After this workshop you will be able to follow easier coding in C and C++ of AVR 8 bits.

The workshops will be conducted in french.

Cost: €100 per person (TVA & meal included)

Venue: Coworking space of Faubourg Numérique (101 rue du général Leclerc, Saint-Quentin)

Dates: tbc

Information & registration: Learnmakeiot@gmail.com – tel.  +33 6 22 75 62 06