Tereos choses startup Influvisio to refine the crystallization of sugar

14 March 2018
Judith Stiekema

Startup Influvisio, located in the Living Lab of Faubourg Numérique has had its first big media appearance. The newspaper Les Echos has interviewed Influvisio:

In the middle of the Tereos factories, start-up Influvisio test its system to improve the crystallization of sugar. Its solution starts with video cameras in very high definition on the production unit were beet juice is being heated up till 80°C.


A patented camera and a decision-making tool on to top help to optimize the production processes. Not only in the field of sugar but also in other extreme environments, for example in the production of biogaz or chemical processes. Producing more efficiently contributes directly to the reduction of energy consumption.

The full article is available here.