Participate in the SCIFI smart city survey and influence its challenges

18 April 2018
Judith Stiekema

The Smart Cities innovation Framework Implementation (SCIFI), of which Faubourg Numérique is partner, aims to identify the most important challenges facing medium sized cities in the Two Seas region (Southern England, North West France, Belgium (Flanders) and The Netherlands) and to procure innovative solutions that are applicable and replicable across the region.

We’re calling on cities and their ecosystems from across the Two Seas region to help us to identify the most important challenges in the sectors of mobility, energy and the environment shared by cities across the region.

SCIFI focuses on creating replicable solutions to key issues facing cities that can be addressed with data.

This is your chance to influence the challenges that SCIFI focuses on (and benefit from its learnings) and to highlight areas which are directly affecting your city or the wider society.

This consultation runs from 17 April – 17 May 2018.

If you would like to participate in this consultation, please complete this survey, it will only take 5 minutes.
If you would like to understand more about SCIFI, please visit