Le pays Chaunois prepares itself for the “Sprint des Innovations Numérique”

3 September 2018
Judith Stiekema

Faubourg Numérique together with la Maison de l’Emploi du Pays Chaunois, la Communauté d’Agglomération Chauny-Tergnier-La Fère, and les Lycées publics de Chauny, organise Wednesday 12 September 2018 at the lycée public Gay Lussac a meeting between economic actors on innovation.

“ If I only could… ”innosprint image running

The “Sprint des Innovations Numériques” helps entrepreneurs and project owners in trade, industrie, services, crafts, agriculture, and other segments that believe that the integration of digital solutions in the services, processes and products of their company could be a solution in making their company more efficient, more innovating, better adapted to the evolutions of needs and regulations but simply don’t know where to start and with what means. 

Come to the “Sprint des Innovations Numériques” to get inspired by the roads taken by other local entrepreneurs or to get your project or challenge accelerated and secured. It is by sharing that your ideas get materialised.

12 September the “Sprint des Innovations Numériques” will be presented via testimonials of local entrepreneurs and via new projects that will enter the accelerator program. A matchmaking session between students and project owners will close this meeting.

Wednesday 12 September 2018, 08h30-12h00
Lycée Public Gay Lussac
23 Boulevard Gambetta, 02300 Chauny

Registration: sylvie.martiak@mef-chaunois.com

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