Sprint des Innovations Numériques: Innovation accessible for SMEs

5 September 2018
Judith Stiekema

Innovation and the digital transition should be accessible for any size company, not only for big ones, in any kind of professional segment: that is the spirit of the “Sprint des Innovation Numériques” that will kickoff its innovation programme on Friday 29 September at the CCI de l’Aisne in Saint-Quentin and is open to all.

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During the kickoff local entrepreneurs will highlight their innovation journey and demonstrate that innovation is possible and accessible for all kinds of entrepreneurs and a dozen new projects that enter the innovation programme will be showcased to mark the launch of the “Sprint des Innovation Numériques” .

The “Sprint des Innovation Numériques” offers entrepreneurs an individuel coaimage innosprintching towards development of an project, finance and deployment of innovative products, processes and services with integrated digital technologies.

The second day, Saturday 30 September, creative minds will meet the project owners of the new innovation projects. This day consists of hands-on sessions to start shaping the new enterpreneurial projects presented the day before, including an insight in available technology bricks.

Open & collaborative

Faubourg Numérique, PFT Innovaltech, CCI de l’Aisne, MEF Chauny are powering this innovation programme and put their experiences and knowledge together to provide project owners hands-on support by facilitating access to existing resources to innovate: prototyping, technology, market access, financing…

The fundamentals of this pogramme are based on an open and collaborative peer-to-peer, entrepreneurs-to-entrepreneur,  approach.

“ If I only could… ”

The Sprint des Innovations Numériques helps entrepreneurs and project owners, in retail, industrie, agriculture, craft and service sector and other segments, who consider that the integration of technology in the services, processes and products of their company might be a solution in making their company more efficient, more innovating, better adapted to regulations en needs but simply don’t know where to start and with what means.

Come to the Sprints des Innovations on Friday 29 September: just to get inspired by the journey of other entrepreneurs close to you or to exchange on the possibilities to get your project boosted. It is by sharing your ideas that they become reality.

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