Smart City Survey: prize pool €2500

29 January 2019
Judith Stiekema

Imagine a kind of YouTube platform for archived footage of all European film and photograph archives where you can explore original footage that was until now only available in the separate websites of different film archive institutions.

You can discover movies and pictures of all kind of topics, duration (from short to long movies), countries, cities… and furthermore you’re able to find extra information about each movie or picture. This footage can be useful for education, research, broadcasting or just for personal pleasure.

At this moment the project, I-Media-Cities, has reached the stage that they would like your opinion about their platform and offer you the possibility to explore it for free and take a look around. Everybody, no matter what your personal background is, can participate and provide valuable feedback.

To collect your feedback, they created a small survey. The survey is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Finnish.

Every participant gets the chance to win one of our vouchers from our prize pool for a total amount of €2500.

Interested? Visit

This survey will be available until February 8th.

Having more questions or remarks? Please contact I Media Cities at