5 March 2019
Judith Stiekema

Faubourg Numérique organises together with the agglomération of Saint-Quentin, Chauny-Tergnier-La Fère, CCI Aisne, CMA Aisne and other members of the local ecosystems the next session of “Sprint des Innovations Numériques” during the Startup Europe Week.

Entrepreneurs of various sectors exchange on their projects in an easy-going way. Faubourg Numérique and HDFID explain more about available regional support and opportunities (challenges, open calls).innosprint image running

The Sprint des Innovations Numériques helps entrepreneurs and project owners, in retail, industrie, agriculture, craft and service sector and other segments, who consider that the integration of technology in the services, processes and products of their company might be a solution in making their company more efficient, more innovating, better adapted to regulations en needs but simply don’t know where to start and with what means.

The next session is March 14 à Saint-Quentin. For inscription or more information: https://www.innosprint.fr/

Startup Europe Week (SEW) is an entrepreneurship event and grassroots movement in the world whose goal is to help entrepreneurs grow and thrive wherever they are or come from. SEW has consistently achieved that through a series of locally SEW19_ppt_-02focused events that connect the local ecosystem and show entrepreneurs what support is available at their particular city and regional level.

SEW is present in more than 300 cities in 50 countries, with the collaboration of 250 local co-organizers/ecosystem leaders. We are proud to announce that the Sprint des Innovations Numériques is being labelled as an Startup Europe Week event.

Don’t hesitate to contact Faubourg Numérique if you would like to know more or if you have a project on which you want to exchange on (contact@faubourgnumerique.com – 07 71761400).