LABELLING FRENCH TECH CAPITAL & COMMUNITIES : A winning situation for the startup ecosystem in Hauts-de-France.

3 April 2019
Judith Stiekema


The Lille metropolis and, more broadly, the Hauts-de-France region has been bubbling for a number of years now, with a tremendous entrepreneurial dynamism, thus generating a creative desire for start-ups throughout our territory, which brings us to this day were we have one of the highest densities of young startups in France.

Our economic sector favors the creation of an increasing amount of high potential businesses, but our culture, the large number of education and training organizations and our geographic location, push for the conquest of international markets, and thus emerge competitors with a European, and even worldwide, dimension.

Our territorial ecosystem benefits to women and men with a conviction, a bold policy approach to support our start-ups through institutional actors and public and private demands which push our entrepreneurs to grow, develop in an ambitious way and to sustain their activities by creating high value-added jobs.

Having effectively combined all of this in our beautiful and large region, to be closer to our start-ups and help them in their growth, 4 entrepreneurial ecosystems have been formed, expand, strengthen, and thus successfully obtain the “French Tech Community” label.

The Capital & the communities labelled French Tech in the region Hauts-de-France are:

• Capitale French Tech Lille, région Hauts-de-France

• Communauté French Tech Grand Hainaut

• Communauté French Tech Artois

• Communauté French Littoral Hauts-de-France

• Communauté French Hauts-de-France Sud

In order to positively mark the beginning of this new dynamic, the capital and the French Tech communities of the Hauts-de-France wish to be able to gather at the beginning of May 2019, all their ecosystems, partners and invite all the press during a friendly Afterwork *, and thus mark the beginning of this new collaborative adventure.

* Date and place to be defined