Lille Metropole joins smart city alliance OASC

25 October 2019
Judith Stiekema

OASC logoFaubourg Numérique has been supporting and participating in the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) Network from the early start. This international network for smart cities and communities has the ambition to create a market for digital, data-driven services based on the needs of cities. OASC strengthens cooperation and exchange between cities worldwide to share best practices and establish consensus on the use of open smart city standards to achieve interoperability of data and services (which in short helps to have solutions implemented faster in a more economic way and stimulates innovation).

Lille Metropole (Métropole Européenne de Lille, MEL) has now joined Open & Agile Smart Cities. This was announced at thimage lille oasce INTERCOtour event on 19 September co-organised by the City of Saint-Quentin and OASC France coordinator “Faubourg Numérique”. At the event, OASC France member cities came together with public and private partners to exchange on how to small and medium-sized cities can succeed in digital transformation.

Lille Metropole launched in 2017 a broad digital strategy “La MEL résolument digitale” with 10 pledges and 50 actions aiming at deepening and coordinating digitalization with all its stakeholders including municipalities, companies, universities and R&D actors, NGO’s… Through one particular pledge “Developing our innovation and experimentation capacities regarding smart cities”, Lille Metropole is acting as a playing field for digital actors.

For example, the “SoMel SoConnected” project, led by Lille Metropole with many industrial and R&D partners, is experimenting new value-creating services through a large-scale deployment of smart grids solutions in line with future urban developments. In an effort to foster cooperation among cities on a national and international level to exchange on digitalization of municipalities, MEL has decided to join Open & Agile Smart Cities.

Akim OURAL, Metropolitan councilor in charge of smart cities and digitalization at MEL, said : « Our IT projects have to be designed and implemented to support the new digital services. We are facing great challenges. We must go fast because citizens want smartcity now. One of the solutions is to exchange with colleagues who share the same technical issues. That’s why Lille Metropole is happy to join OASC. »

Vincent Demortier, Director, Faubourg Numérique and Coordinator, OASC France, said : «The contribution of a regional capital city like LCopy of New SCIFI Logoille Metropole is a great opportunity for existing local OASC actions and experimentations to scale at regional and national levels. I’m sure it will leverage the concrete work of already being done by Saint-Quentin – through SCIFI and the cooperation with TM Forum – and Bordeaux, that is part of Synchronicity and the standardization organisation ‘ETSI’. That OASC France is growing is a strategic step for all french OASC members and partners towards the construction of a shared and sustainable capacity building process.

» Davor Meersman, CEO of OASC, said : « Cities joining OASC understand that interoperability and open standards are the way to generate scale, foster economic growth, and retain independence in their journey of digital transformation. The OASC global community represents a turning point in the way digital technologies are developed, procured, and implemented. Our increased growth is further testament to the desire of cities worldwide to shape their own digital destinies together for the benefit of their citizenries. We are excited to welcome MEL, the fourth largest metropolis of the 7th largest economy in the world, to the OASC France chapter and look forward to supporting their continued path towards digital prosperity. »

More information can be found on the OASC website