Innosprint: innovation & digital transitions within SMEs

15 November 2019
Judith Stiekema


Go ! Come November 28 to discover and participate to the “sprint des innovations numériques” : the stimulation and accompanying program of innovative projectsinnosprint 28 nov image !

During this afternoon/evening there are 3 blocks:

  • Attent the investments committee that contributes a financial dotation to the project owners that already entered the program to see the diversity of project and to better understand the collaborative way of working in INNOSPRINT

  • Get inspired by the testimonials in their digital innovation adventure, and more precise on their experiences with different innovation support means as well as collaboration with training and research institutes

  • Meet and discuss directly with twelve project owners and exchange during a drink afterwards.

Discover allready the projects and the program on !

Le principe fondamental de ce programme est l’ouverture d’esprit et l’échange de pair à pair – d’entrepreneur à entrepreneur: Des entrepreneurs qui mettent en commun leurs réseaux de partenaires pour trouver les compétences, les financements et les accès aux marchés.

The “Sprint des Innovation Numériques” offers entrepreneurs an individuel coaching towards development of an project, finance and deployment of innovative products, processes and services with integrated digital technologies. The fundamentals of this pogram are based on an open and collaborative peer-to-peer, entrepreneurs-to-entrepreneur,  approach.

“ If I only could… ”

The Sprint des Innovations Numériques helps entrepreneurs and project owners, in retail, industrie, agriculture, craft and service sector and other segments, who consider that the integration of technology in the services, processes and products of their company might be a solution in making their company more efficient, more innovating, better adapted to regulations en needs but simply don’t know where to start and with what means.

Come to the Sprints des Innovations: just to get inspired by the journey of other entrepreneurs close to you or to exchange on the possibilities to get your project boosted. It is by sharing your ideas that they become reality.

L’INNOSPRINT is organised as part of the Rencontres Régionales de la Recherche & de l’Innovation, powered by the region Région Hauts-de-France.

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INNOSPRINT -Thursday 28/11/2019 – 83 Boulevard Jean Bouin, 02100 Saint-Quentin

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