How we work?

Globally, Faubourg Numérique is pushing the «Design Thinking» approach to develop the projects with a continuous involvement of users and stakeholders.

design thinking
The approach aims also to get short development cycle to get prototypes ready to be tested in realistic conditions and get feedback to build sustainable business models. In addition to this general approach, as Faubourg Nfocus on specific domains, the users are usually clearly identified and specific tools and methodology could be used to validate the various scenarios:

  • FOR INDUSTRY: possibility to use virtual reality (in collaboration with IndustriLab and Serre Numérique) to test the operating process on virtualized production facilities
  • FOR AGRICULTURE: several partnerships with cooperatives and the local Chamber of Agriculture allows to use test parcels to perform ground experimentation
  • FOR CITIES: using the frame of “Open & Agile Smart City” to implement pilot solutions following a “implementation driven” approach