A FIWARE iHub is the center for the adoption of open source FIWARE platform technology among businesses in a given region. iHubs address the traditional barriers for business expansion of SMEs, mid-caps and large companies, improving accessibility to their target markets.

logo IoT Booster croppedIoT Booster: A place where people meet technology

IoT Booster is the the local digital innovation hub of Faubourg Numérique. Our aim is to build a network of tech-enabling communities and to encourage the formation of interbased businesses at a regional level. We focus on growing the community of developers, companies and cities adopting and contributing to FIWARE.

Faubourg Numérique is proud to be amongst the 11 labelled iHubs in the world.


A FIWARE iHub offers a number of services to companies, cities and developers who want to become more competitive in the digital economy. In order to assure an adequate level of quality for iHubs, a set of activities that iHubs perform have been defined.

Faubourg Numérique’s iHub, IoT Booster assures:

● Training events and webinars on business models, ecosystem assessment, developing technology use cases, building business plans, access to finance and FIWARE Accelerator programs
● FIWARE technology dissemination events for business, academia and research institutions
● Facilitate FIWARE training, technical support and technical coaching at local level
● Testing using FIWARE technology, certifications and detailed product analysis.
● Bringing support to local SMEs and startups to join the FIWARE Marketplace
● Promoting FIWARE at local fairs and congresses
● Facilitating presence of local SMEs and startups at fairs and congresses
● Communication activity in the local/region media
● Liaising with municipal/regional government

2 examples of current actions are the partnership of Faubourg Numérique in the Interreg 2Seas project SCIFI, where Faubourg Numérique provides the open data platform and supports the development of interoperable IoT solutions based on FIWARE technologies with fast prototyping of solutions and the support Faubourg Numérique provides to the Connected Smart Citizens project to assure the development of interoperable digital solutions for the city of Saint-Quentin using open data.

Do you want to know more? Contact us via CONTACT@FAUBOURGNUMERIQUE.COM  or visit us as 98bis rue du général Leclerc, 02100, Saint-Quentin (France).