A FIWARE iHub is the center for the adoption of FIWARE platform technology among businesses in a given region. iHubs address the FIWARE iHubs_RGBtraditional barriers for business expansion of SMEs, mid-caps and large companies, improving accessibility to their target markets. They increase competitiveness through modernization and, at a regional level, facilitate the diversification of the local economy. A FIWARE iHub offers a number of services to local companies, including technology and consulting support, training, research and testing, all using FIWARE technology. It brings them support to join the FIWARE Marketplace.

Faubourg Numérique is proud to be amongst the 14 labelled iHubs in the world.


The mission of an iHub is to provide services to the businesses of its region. In order to assure an adequate level of quality for iHubs, a set of activities that all iHubs must perform have been defined.

Faubourg Numérique’s iHUB, IoT Booster assures:

● Training events and webinars on business models, ecosystem assessment, developing technology use cases, building business plans, fiware ihub general imageaccess to finance and FIWARE Accelerator programs
● FIWARE technology dissemination events for business, academia and research institutions
● Facilitate FIWARE training, technical support and technical coaching at local level
● Testing using FIWARE technology, certifications and detailed product analysis.
● Bringing support to local SMEs and startups to join the FIWARE Marketplace
● Promoting FIWARE at local fairs and congresses
● Facilitating presence of local SMEs and startups at fairs and congresses
● Communication activity in the local/region media
● Liaising with municipal/regional government

A complete offer will be available soon.