corepack3  3D Printing for Co&Repacking

Managing the co-packing and co-manufacturing processes

FMCG Industries like cosmetics or Food & Beverage represent a demanding and growing market for innovative tools giving the possibility to personalize their products in order to build an emotional link between their brands and the customers. On the other hand, logistics providers are eager to extend their services towards complex operations with more added value, like co-packing and co-manufacturing. CoRePack addresses these needs and introduces a new way to efficiently manage specific customer requirements combining the strength of mass production and extreme personalization.

CoRePack aims to simplify the management of outsourced operations to personalize standard industrial products using 3D printing. CoRePack is a SaaS app that will allow the industrial/trading organisations to build a collaborative and agile supply chain (especially integrating logistics providers, namely co-packers) for the temporary or permanent sales campaigns of customized products using 3D printing.

CoRePack offers thus services to easily implement an agile and collaborative product lifecycle management for temporary or personalized products and associated supply chain execution system. By simplifying the management of extremely personalized products, CoRePack offers the opportunity for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry to provide more added value in the products and to strengthen the relationship with the customers, leveraging the flexibility of 3D printing and cloud based services.

A typical CoRePack use case demo realized by our team during a hackathon organized by L’Oreal at Ecole 42 in Paris:

corepack use case

Developed by an experienced team with high level of motivation and skills in supply chain management and in B2B web and mobile apps programming, CoRePack will integrate FIWARE and FITMAN technology to faster implement the specificity of 3D printing use for personalization.

example co repacking3CoRePack offers services to easily implement an agile and collaborative product lifecycle management for temporary or personalized products:

  • define the needs – around 3D printing –  based on demand driven approach, involving the final customer: Product Configurator
  • formalize the commitments of the business partners (sub contractors) along the supply chain: Role Configurator
  • manage the collaborative supply chain execution: Task Orchestrator
  • follow and evaluate the performance