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Saving one bee at a time…

Hostabee allows remote monitoring of beehives in a simple and precise manner. Regardless of where you are, Hostabee keeps you informed via for example your smartphone about the situation of the beehive and historical data is being saved on our web platform.

Hostabee permits the beekeeper to:

  • Anticipate honeydew and increase the withdrawn quantity
  • Optimise the transhumance and select better the placement of the beehive
  • Bring down the frequency of moving the beehives (incl. the costs related…)
  • Save on needed resources to manage its operations

Hostabee facilitates the implementation connected beehives in cities to produce high quality food through short distribution channels and to contribute to a better management of the urban green spaces, leveraging:
● Open data about the urban vegetation
● Data and information collected by the connected business model of urban beekeeping

This project will leverage on FIWARE, a public, royalty-free and open source platform that eases the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors.

The KPI’s:
● Increase most important bee plants in the area by 20% (namely thanks to pollination)
● Reduce the number of required visit to the urban beehives by 25% (namely thanks to remote control of the beehives)
● Eliminate the use of pesticides following strong communication about the impact especially linked to bees preservation

The rooftop of Faubourg Numérique hosts also this connected beehive.

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