logo influvisioInfluvisio, videosensing for Industry 4.0

Improve the efficiency of industrial transformation processes. That is the clear mission of Influvisio.

With their videosensing solution Influvisio can transform video flows of the transformation process (form patterns and movements, sampling, context) into data flows.
The generated data can be used to measure, correlate and support decision taking in the production process. Especially in complicated industrial production processes (eg. biogas, liquids in the food processing industry, chemicals) the data generated via video surveillance of the transformation process (chemical reaction, crystallization process, ..) makes the decision taking more efficient and accurate.

The images are transformed in data and the correlating and decision making tool on top allows the right intervention on the right time: an agile analysis method by video surveillance for the industry.

Every transformation process is unique and has its particularities, therefor Influvisio proposes an open innovation approach with industrials to assure that the proposed solution is exactly what the company needs to optimise its processes to produce more efficiently and generate the best possible quality.

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Images of different industrial domains where Influvisio is active:
transformation processes in the agrifood sector, production of bio gas in the energy sector, chemical industry and physical production action in the industry in general.

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