Cartes-reseaux-thématiques-BD-07 okSaint-Quentin French Tech

French Tech for Metropoles existed already successfully for some years. Evaluation confirmed that the local structures within each metropolis have mobilized many stakeholders and grow stronger and stronger.

The french government launched a second phase of this program for territories in the form of a thematic approach.

Saint-Quentin French Tech is the result of a successful application to the theme #Iot #Manufacturing in this second phase of the French Tech program and is the initiative of 3 local pillars:

● The entrepreneurs of Faubourg Numérique
● The education stakeholders: l’UPJV-­INSSET and PFT Innovaltech
● The local government: the Communauté d’Agglomération de Saint­-Quentin

Faubourg Numérique is leading this local “French Tech” network that aims to foster the take off of startups. An ecosystem that supports french IoT startups to obtain an international dimension.

The goals of Saint-­Quentin French Tech

cropped-Logo_FrenchTech-StQ-2 (1)For the local development, Saint-Quentin French Tech has chosen not to focus only on the creation of startups (in the classic sense) but also to include the dynamics of more mature SMEs aiming at integrating new technologies, new economic models or collaborative methods in their innovating projects. The approach of Saint-­Quentin French Tech is to mix and coordinate to the maximum the profiles, knowledge, experience and the networks to assure the highest level of efficiency in conducting innovating projects and measuring at an early stage the successes and failures.

The contribution at national level of Saint-­Quentin French Tech is on the one hand the valorization of the local education offer and technology transfer of the universities and the other hand the involvement in various European projects, especially IoT related.

Upcoming concrete actions of Saint­-Quentin French Tech

In the first step, 3 actions for under the flag of Saint-Quentin French Tech, implementable in the very short term, have been identified and engaged to. More related actions for the next 2 year will follow.

Action 1: Pop School IoT Maker

This type of education offers quite unique learning methods that are innovative, immersivepopschool-500x500, agile  and horizontal favoring peer to peer, project mode and the development of collaborative skills. It’s an experimental approach, complementary to high school and profession orientated education which enables to respond in an agile way to unmet needs today.

The goal of this initiative is to install a POP SCHOOL focused on jobs related to IoT and connected things to respond to the demand to fill in jobs openings at companies of Faubourg Numérique in Saint-Quentin as well as other IoT companies in Hauts-de-France. This action provides job seekers a first experience in the IoT sector.

Préparation Opérationnelle à l’emploi Collective, POEC, in a sector, after a first assessment, still underdeveloped in France. The program is being created together with companies of Faubourg Numérique, stakeholders at the university of Picardie, INSSET Saint-Quentin and the university of Valenciennes (cyber security).

KPI: at least 10 local companies support the start of Pop School IoT by means of promise to hire. Target is to have at least 5 effective hirings in first 3 month following of the end of the study.

Action 2: InMoov Campus and InMoov Tour

IinmoovnMoov is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot. Replicable on any home 3D printer with a 12x12x12cm area, it is conceived as a development platform for Universities, Laboratories, Hobbyist, and for Makers. It’s concept, based on sharing and community, gives him the honor to be reproduced for countless projects through out the world. Watch the inspiring video of InMoovs creator, Gaël Langevin:

Saint-­Quentin French Tech initiated the production of a first InMoov clone that can be used in at least two educational contexts:

● InMoov Campus, as an experimental platform at the disposal of the local developer community to test new hardware or software configurations
● InMoov Tour, a program of traveling workshops in colleges, to introduce students to the three technologies of the Internet of Things. The goal is to increase the visibility and attractiveness of technology courses

Other more business oriented use cases are being built by the French Tech Saint-Quentin partners.

KPI: introducing officially the InMoov Tour in the schools at the beginning of the 2017 school year. Create a community of at least 20 active developers through InMoov Campus.

Action 3: Incubation program and acceleration of projects

This program part of Saint-Quentin French Tech IoT & Manufacturing is under construction: after a first definition of work objectives and reflection on the concept, three topics will guide the implementation of this action:

● Bring together as much as possible all project leaders, whether they are students, SME or individuals.
● Establish a regular follow-up of projects by dedicated and multidisciplinary working groups that bring together their knowledge of networks to ways to advance in terms of partnership, financing, and market access.
●Search and engage private companies for support and potentially investing in projects.

This program will be at the service of companies and entrepreneurs, who are invited to co-construct and to share their projects and needs if they want to benefit from the opportunity of having French Tech on their territory.