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FIWARE IoT architecture is a strong speciality at Faubourg Numérique and the FIWARE network has provided the Faubourg Numérique with strategic visibility, resources and fundings:

  • as Open & Agile Smart Cities coordinator in France, and contributor to OASC global network (at Brussels OASC office), Faubourg has the opportunity to exchange with a lot of recognized “Smart City” players in France and Europe
  • as top 3 iHub, Faubourg receives 50 k€ fundings from I3H project
  • as member of the Be-IoT consortium selected for the H2020 ICT 30  2015 project, Faubourg receives 82 K€ to contribute to the uptake of IoT technologies by the SME’s.
  • Faubourg is currently in contact with Orange and Atos (through FIWARE Foundation) to be involved in the support to the FIWARE community in France
  • Faubourg has initiated the discussion with the North Region in France to integrate the FIWARE Mundus initiative.

Besides this strong involvement in FIWARE community, Faubourg is still working actively to animate the local developers community and entrepreneurs, with the support of big tech companies (namely Google, Salesforce, Intel, Orange,…).

autorized Google Apps SMB ResellerFaubourg Numérique is a Google Apps Autorised SMB Reseller providing advice, implementation, migration, training, and support for Google Apps.